animals should not be reared in factory farms

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Co-op goes back on chicken welfare promise
Date: 05 March 2014

Compassion is revoking The Co-operative’s Good Chicken Award after they broke their welfare promise for meat chickens... more

It is Pastured Poultry Week in Georgia!
Date: 13 June 2012

Compassion’s US Director Leah Garces is leading the way in the States with Georgians for Pastured Poultry... more

Sustainable chicken kievs
Date: 13 June 2012

Part three of Channel 4’s Jimmy and The Giant Supermarket looks at creating meat products from laying hens... more

New investigation into chicken farming in the USA
Date: 09 February 2012

The effects that factory farming 1.4 billion chickens is having on human health, the environment and animal welfare in Georgia... more

Date: 02 September 2010

Sustainable and ethical food that helps the environment and has animal welfare at heart should be an Olympic standard... more

Urgent action needed to stop chickens suffering
Date: 28 July 2010

EFSA report highlights need for urgent action to safeguard welfare of meat chickens ... more

Legislation offers little protection for chickens
Date: 06 July 2010

The EU Directive on chickens reared for meat has come into force but leaves factory farming unscathed... more

Defra acts on chicken welfare
Date: 17 December 2009

Defra has announced new rules on the amount of chickens that can be kept per square metre... more

Olympic Vision paper not so visionary
Date: 07 December 2009

‘Best of British’ includes factory farmed chicken and pork - take action via our campaign today... more

Chicken welfare in top five of mp concerns
Date: 01 December 2009

The parliamentary motion for improved chicken welfare reached a top five position out of over 2400 tabled motions last year... more


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